Current Members

Tony Meeks

Dennis Probert

Robin Browne

Brian William

Geoff Houlbrook

Brian Allason

Alan Bambroffe

Mike Smith

Terry Lynch

Laurie Peaker

Peter Alexander

Rick Hawkley

Colin Hedley

Geoff Budd

Tony Shanahan

Malcolm Probert

Phil Robinson

Nigel Parry

Dale Jones

Dave Sharpe

Ant Mendick

Peter Lloyd
Past Members

Mike Binns

Hamish Smith

d. 2016

Sruan Robertson

Not playing

Archie Gibson
d 2012

Bob Meadows
d 2011

Howard Dennett
Left Club

Mark Fallon

Left Club

Matthew Yeoman

Not playing

Gron Williams
d 2010

Bill Laycock
d. 2018

Brian Neilson
d. 2018

Bryan Downing

d 2020

Iain Robertson
Left the club
Left the Group

Mike Lynch

John Steadman

Terry Griffiths

Martin Cartwright

Colin Davies
Left Club

Dave Smith

Malcolm Gallimore